Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ah-Tissue's Christmas Ultimate Prize Pack!!

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 Here’s an Ah-Tissue Christmas prize pack, to make your Christmas that little bit more special & fun.

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  • Set of 10 - 15" Ah-Tissue Pom Poms Red, White, Light Grey, Slate & Red Snow flake
  • Set of 10 -Christmas Hinge Top Containers
  • 1x Ah-Tissue – Silver/White Snowflake Christmas Garland
  • 1x Ah-Tissue – Red/White Snowflake Christmas Garland

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Competition closes 1st of December 2012.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ah-Tissue's Halloween Ultimate Prize Pack!!

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 Here’s an Ah-Tissue Halloween prize pack, to make Halloween a little bit more fun for the kids or adults.

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 Set of 3 - 15" Ah-Tissue Pom Pom Orange , Mandarin & Black

Set of 50 -16 x 125mm Halloween Plastic Test Tube:  50 Tubes, 50 Caps & Cardboard Rack
(great way to give out treats)

1x Ah-Tissue - "Halloween" Tissue Paper Handkerchief Garland

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Competition closes October 16th, 2012.
We will have it the pack Express Posted to the winner straight away after receiving the winners address.

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Good Luck & Thank You for supporting Ah-Tissue

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Australian D.I.Y Blog.

I have started a new D.I.Y blog to share tutorials with you all.

As I am a creative soul I am always wanting to stimulate my creative side, so I feel this is the main reason why things have now lead me to creating this blog.
“Get your D.I.Y on!!” has been born as a creative outlet for me , and it is a place where I can share what I have learnt over the years and what I am yet to learn myself.
This is a creative space where I can share D.I.Y projects in all areas on a budget, arts & craft, recycled, easy recipes and much more. Please excuse the design/branding aspect of the blog that still needs work, but I have my first 2 tutorial to check out. Please feel free to let me know what you think..

So if love D.I.Y tutorials come follow me over here

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Picnic in The Park for Tahlin’s 4th Birthday Party


Picnic in The Park for Tahlin’s 4th Birthday Party

This year we weren't going to have a party for Tahlin, as he had a big one for his 3rd Safari Party. But he was talking about his Birthday coming up and we thought we would do something small to celebrate for him. As he loves going to the park and playing on the equipment, we thought a Picnic in the Park would be perfect for him.

 Printables will soon be available on my site Ah-Tissue

My friend Carol from Creatively Bespoke Weddings & Events was another reason why we decided to have a party. She had just recently organized a “Picnic” style wedding that had many red and white gingham items that was perfect for what we were trying to achieve for our party. Thanks to Carol we were able to keep this theme.

Another reason for the Picnic Party is that we wanted the guests to just have a nice relaxed time in the park, where they could fill a basket up with some food and sit on a blanket and enjoy themselves. The kids could enjoy themselves with playground equipment and also the activities and games provided in our old, vintage suitcase. The suitcase was filled with bubble wands, balls, skipping ropes, frisbees, hula hoops, beanbags in a bucket game and so on.

I decided with this party to have a really casual and relaxed atmosphere that wasn’t time consuming and have more of a practical spread of food and treats that was easy for the guests to put in their baskets. I wasn’t going for a huge desert table due to being at a park and time constraints. 

I am lucky to have such a great friend in Linda from Bubble and Sweet in offering to make his cake and other little treats. In this case we trusted her in making a fantastic cake creation and all the kids were fascinated by what she made. 

The kids (and adults) loved the ant creation on top of the cake. We tend to help each other out with kids parties by swapping our services, which helps everybody.

My main focus in creating any party including this one that it shouldn’t have to be an expensive event. Use what you already have around the house first. For example I was able to use the hessian from Tahlin’s 3rd Birthday and all the gift bags that have been sitting around for a couple of years and other items from previous parties.

Recycling things before spending a lot of money at party stores. You can be amazed at what you can find and re-use over and over again. I even approached IKEA after noticing a friend carrying a free cardboard carry holder. As I needed 20 holders, I didn’t just want to walk out with them, so I asked them if I could purchase them. I was lucky to find out that I only needed to pay 20 cent for the whole lot!

Guests were able to take them home and I’m sure that they would be used again. I have kept a few for myself to make up gift picnic hampers for friends.

Overall the day was a great and enjoyable day. The weather was perfect and it was a perfect family day out for the parents and children. Tahlin enjoyed himself a lot, which is the main focus in creating this party.

 Image: Kids Packs, Cutlery Packs made by me, Ah-Tissue Poms
Printable will soon be at Ah-Tissue

Vendor’s Credits & Thank You To:

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wanted to take this time again to welcome everyone that is new to my colourful page Ah-Tissue I can't believe I have reached the big "6000"+ milestone.I really didn't think 21+ months ago when I began Ah-Tissue that I would have this many people joining in on this wonderful, fun, rewarding journey that I am on. A HUGE thank you to each and every one of my likers!
As promised here are the 6 thank you gift winners:
Giveaway 1. Winner is:
Peita Bamford
A set 12 of Test tubes..These are my new product range "Test Tube It"coming to Ah-Tissue in the new year..
New page is here
Clear Plastic Tubes 16x100mm with cork stopper. (Jelly beans not included)
Giveaway 2. Winner is:
Kirsten from K&Co
A set of 2 Chalkboard Speech & Thought Bubbles props from my "Chalk It" range.
Giveaway 3. Winner is:
Anneliese Annan
 Set of 3 Decorative Flower Poms
Giveaway 4. Winner is:
Lisa Fairbridge
Set of 3 15" Hanging Pom Poms - Yellow, Lemon, & Ivory
Giveaway 5. Winner is:
Arielle Taylor
Set of 30   Miniature Tiny Bottles

Material: Glass & Plastic Size:2.5x1cm(Total), Bottle
: 2x1cm, Hole Stopper:1.5mm
Giveaway 6. Winner is:
Kellie Christie
A $50.00 gift Voucher to use for anything on my web site
So if you are one of the lucky ones please send me an email with your details.
Congratulations to all..
Will be doing another giveaway once I hit the next big milestone of 7000!!
I want to Thank You all for the continuous support it is and has been much appreciated xoxo 
Thanks for your help in spreading the word about Ah-Tissue!!

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