Thursday, March 3, 2011

When I started Ah-Tissue!!

When I decided to start Ah-Tissue about this time last year I did my research before starting my business, & found that there was a market here in Australia for the old craft technique of making pom poms/flowers using tissue paper. 
No one here was specializing/supplying in it there was only a few that were importing the hanging ones. ...So with my background and having creative parents that have always taught me to think outside the square I thought I would give it a go and with ideas floating around I knew I could offer so many new products. When I first created my Ah-Tissue poms I added my own touch as I didn't follow any instruction I just knew how to create them from girl guides, my father and my floristry training. 
My touch with the hanging poms was adding a hook for easy hanging & a loop at the bottom for an optional connection and this is just 1 option that I made on my poms so you can add additional poms or items.

As you can see by my page and website, I have and still will be thinking outside the square/box to design and create different products just to put a smile on someones face.. I love what I do and it is helping our little family..
In this photo I have used my Pastel Spot Printed Hanging Pom and hung the Bunny Cut Out using fishing wire..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Very Exciting News for all Melbourne People..

 Soon you will be able to purchase a selection of Ah-Tissue Pom Poms from Cristina Re divine store 

"Where a Girl Goes" 

Located Corner Langridge & Oxford Streets Collingwood Victoria.

I have been to her store and it is just beautiful.

 To find out more about her store I highly recommend checking this clip out from Postcards

Please keep visiting for more about this and other exciting plans Ah-Tissue has in store..