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Tahlin’s 3rd Safari Party Recycle, Reduce, Reuse! & Facebook Business

Tahlin’s 3rd Safari Party

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!
& Facebook Business

I know that is a long title but that is exactly how I came about putting my beautiful little boys 3rd Birthday together. When trying to think of a theme to go with for his birthday, I first looked at what he was interested in. Since he was really taking an interest in animals when reading to him and then picking them out on tv, I thought maybe a Safari theme. Who doesn’t love a Safari Party! So then my creative brain started ticking away. I have always been one to first look around the house for re-usable things to use, as you can be surprised what you have that can be turned into something else before buying something new (hey lets be honest our little family is not made of money heheh). Then if you are lucky enough to have a someone with a heart of gold that lends & gives you items to use like my good friend Carol from Creatively Bespoke Weddings & Events, then you are very lucky. I have become friends with Carol since she has been a long time customer of mine, which I met through the wonderful world of Facebook Businesses. So when I was over at her place one day talking to her husband in their shed I noticed this big crate and thought this would be perfect to use as the feature of his dessert table. That’s how I started to put this all together.

 After starting my own Business & Facebook page, which if you didn’t already know I am Daneve Owner, Mum & Creator of Ah-Tissue, I have been able to come in contact & even become friends with many different businesses on Facebook. I am a huge supporter of businesses that also support mine and I really wanted to make a point if I was going to purchase things for his party. I wanted to try and use ones that I have found through Facebook.

I feel that having a Business Facebook page is not only to support your own little business but also to help support others and to be able to connect with so many other great businesses.

So when I thought it would be nice to get someone to capture his party, the first person that popped into my head was my loving & supportive husband as he is a photographer. But since I thought he maybe a bit busy entertaining, why not put a call out on my page to see if there were any photographers out there wanting to build up their portfolio. Well! I was so surprised how many emails I got responding to the call out. So to be fair, I went with the first one and I was so lucky to have the lovely Katie from Katie Takes A Picture capture the day for us. Most of the images you see in this blog was taken by the talented Katie with a few from Darren (hubby) & his Mum (Dianne).

We wanted to have something that greeted the guests as they arrived at the party.
Tahlin is very lucky to have 2 creative parents, so Darren drew a free hand Rhino onto a sheet of chalk board (which you can pick up from Bunnings) but we had some left over in the shed from something we used previously. Then he cut it out with a jigsaw. The real bamboo was cut down by Carol at her place, warning bamboo can cause a little rash just ask Darren hehehe.

    1.                                         2.                                    3.     
Image 1. Invites and printables were designed & made by mummy and daddy. 
Image 2. Was a ECO Re–Purposed  Safari Story Book Flag Bunting 
Image 3. Was an area above the gift table that we displayed photos from Tahlin's first 3 years. I made the hanging display using an old canvas that was left over from a display I used at the markets. I covered it in photo's, mini Ah-Tissue poms, bamboo and letters cut out of an old piece of leather.

1.                                          2.                                        3.
 Image 1. My mum is an retired music teacher so the kids got to play with an assortment of African musical instruments.
Image 2. The kids were able to take a pair of binoculars and a Pith Helmet.
Image 3. A number 3 Pinata that was re-covered to match the theme of the party. 

 I am a big believer if you have around 24 kids coming to a party you need to be prepared with activities for them to do. So we had: A Jumping Castle, Playdough, Colouring in, Balloon Balls, and Balloon Animal Making which I think the adults had more fun in the end. (Wade is the Master heheh)

 Also to keep the children entertained we had chalkboard place mats on the table with a piece on chalk next to each one for them to draw on. These were also cut out by Darren. The kids were also treated to receiving a fun Ribbon Wand that they were able to take home.

What would the party be if I didn't make some of my own Ah-Tissue pom poms. I had just recently started offering my printed range of poms, so what a perfect opportunity to test them out. I used the Giraffe, Zebra, Leopard and a mixture of other colours.

If you are on a wild Safari you need something to quench your thirst! I had a perfect Safari Bunting custom made for Tahlin so he can also use in his room. The Jungle Juice was a hug hit!! 

With the Kids mini milk bottles glasses I wrapped them in hessian and connected a little balsa wood name tag to them. The straws I sourced from 2 different businesses that I have listed at the bottom of the post. Then the little animals that daddy designed were then glue onto the straws.
The Adult drinking jars were made from recycled pasta sauce jars and wrapped with hesian & Zebra print Tissue Paper. (Jars had been washed very well be use)


All the printable you see in any shot were designed and made by team Mummy & Daddy

Tahlin got a bit hungry before the guest arrived.

As you will see our place is very fitting with the theme we went with, as we love the nature. That is another reason why I wanted to make it as eco friendly as possible. So I used as much items I had home first in regards to the serving items, but when I needed to buy items I made sure they were Organic Biodegradable, Eco Friendly. The pile of plates & cutlery you see in the images above are Made from 100% organically grown with no bleaches or dyes.

To put this together I used alot of recycled items I had around the house already. Made the table cloth out of strips of hessian and Jute. The real bamboo was cut from my friends Carol's place along with a lot of other items I borrow from her to use.
You can't a have a kids party with treats & lots of lollies!! 
In the glass balls, I had fake moss and mini plastic animals hanging inside. 

I made the survival bags for the guest to fill up with the treats with. I already had them here from years aga but Darren designed me up a transfer to add to them. He also did up the cookie design for me to give to Linda from Bubble & Sweet to make the divine cookie, she also created those very yummy cupcakes you see.


Now I am not a cake maker nor have had any lesson so excuse the cake, the design popped into my brain one day so I just went with it. I do have to say the middle cake got burnt the first round so that ended up a good old packet mix, then the other 2 were a mix of white & choc mud cakes. With the help of my hubby, mother in law and great friend Mel this was produced heheh

And the main thing is that Tahlin loved his cake!!

Yummy treat for guest to take home were made by Mel & myself.

The printable were design by Darren and the frame we used was recycle from my old Market stall I used to do.

We have a little studio downstairs so Darren set it up so we could get some fun shots with some of the kids. 
Then from the little shoot the kids got to go on a little Safari to try an find themselves a little Zebra. If they found one they got to keep it and was given a prize. 

In full swing Party action.. 
Bit of Survival Food to keep them going.. 
We made up thank you bags to thank Tahlin's friends for coming. The bags I had already but yet again Darren designed me up a transfer to add on the front. 
My little Family!! Thanks to my loving so supportive husband for helping put this together for our little boy.

Hope you all enjoy his party as much as Tahlin did!!

Styling & Event Design – Me (hheheh) Daneve from Ah-Tissue

Real Bamboo, Lolly Jars, Tongs, Mini Bamboo Baskets, Banana Lollies, Snakes, Wooden Crate, Glass hanging Balls, Mixture of Soft Toys, Chairs, Chair Covers, Black & leopard print Table cloth, Fake Green Tissue Paper Grass, Mini Milk Bottles, Napkins, Drink Dispenser, Big hanging Safari Backdrop, & many more items so as you can image I can’t thank this lovely lady enough. – Carol from Creatively Bespoke Weddings & Events

The Talented Main Photographer – Katie from Katie Takes a Picture

Round Biscuits + Cup Cakes – Linda from Bubble & Sweet

Jungle Safari Ribbon Wand – Kate from Pinwheels and Pearls

Pine Food Boats, Cups and Cones, Green/White Straws, & the Colouring in Sheets. Marissa & Liz from The Princess & Pirate

Black & White Lolly Pops – Emma from Lollipop Brides

Grey/White & Black/white Straws, Fake Moss rolls & Fake Willow Vines – Sharnel from Sharnel Dollar Designs

Balloon Animal Kits & Mini Wooden Pegs -Helena from Occasion by Design

Zebra & Tiger Printed Balloon Balls – Carolyn from RAHZY Children

Pith Helmets & Black Binoculars - Celebrate Express

The Beautiful Animal Prints (Zebra, Tiger & Giraffe) I am in love with everything this Photographer does. – Sharon Montrose – The Animal Print Shop

Pine Cones – Jordon from Polkadot Prints

Safari Prints 10 Flag Bunting – Amy from Giggleberry Creations

Animal Hats - Kate from Piece of Cake & Celebrations

ECO Re – Purposed Safari Story Book Flag Bunting – Katie from Kitty Boo Boo Design


Animal Shape Cookie Cutters – Jill from Sweet Theme

Organic Biodegradable Plates, Eco Friendly which are
Made from 100% organically grown with no bleaches or dyes. – Packaging Products

Banana Lolly Pops - Candy Addictions

Special Thanks goes to: Darren, Mel, Carol, Ronel, Angus, Carl & Dianne. I really wouldn't of been able to put this together without the help from you all..xoxoxox

Hope everyone enjoyed the party as much as I enjoyed putting it together for Tahlin..

Till next time!!


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