Monday, September 5, 2011

5000 Milestone!!

Giveaway once I hit the 5000 Milestone on my Ah-Tissue business page!!

I have decide once I hit the big 5000 mark on my page I will be giving away 5 x sets of my Ah-Tissue Flowers since these are becoming very popular due to being beautiful Spring Time!!.
You will get to pick the inner & outer colours of the flowers..

So if you haven't already done so please spread the word & suggest my page to your friends to reach this milestone.

I want to Thank You all in advance for the support it is and has been much appreciated xoxo

Once I hit past the 5000 (liker) mark I will do a random draw..

Good Luck !!!

So if you are a liker of my page and want to go into the random draw for a set of these, please comment here with your name and email address:


  1. Chris Ebborn

  2. Would love to win this amazing prize for my daughters new room!
    Karlee Priddle

  3. Gorgeous Pom Poms & Flowers xx
    Michelle Stokes of Little Miss Leila

  4. Tina Morse

  5. Lisa Sorrensen .... :) these are gorgeous!!

  6. They're so cute!

    Angela Tylee

  7. Love the flowers! Thanks for the chance to enter

    Kristie Wilkinson

  8. Love your work!! Off now to spread the word on facebook...
    Kirsten Smith

  9. Huge congrats on this upcoming milestone! Have been a fan for a while. :-)

  10. Big fan of Ah-Tissue and love these flowers, they are gorgeous! Congratulations Daneve on an awesome business :-)
    Virginia Mason

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  12. I Love your Tissue Paper Pom Poms! I've purchased some for My childrens new playroom, and can't wait to hand them up!:0)
    Well done on you're Family Business, it's Absolutely Fab!

    Amanda Milhench

  13. Congratulations and well done on all your achievemtns so far.

    Susanne Elliott

  14. So far everyone above as been entered..Good Luck