Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gift Wrapping with Recycled Tissue Paper!!

As I keep all the off cuts from my Ah- Tissue poms I wanted to share with you another way you can use these offcuts..

Now my first ever job was a gift wrapper at a shopping center, so this concept come from when you use potpourrie when gift wrapping..

 1. All you need is your desired paper, I used a piece of plain white paper for one and the other used brown kraft paper. You will also need some clear cello, sissors, sticky tape, desired ribbons and of course some off cuts.

2. Place the clear cello sheet on the table then scatter your selected offcuts over the sheet in this one below I just used red & lime tissue paper ones.

3. Then just place your desired paper over the top and press down to flatted the tissue paper pieces. After you do that you can wrap you gift by placing it on the paper.

4. I think looks great as is or add a gift tag, but you can always a your extra touch with ribbon & extra offcuts.

I also did another one using Brown Kraft Paper

Hope you liked my very first quick tutorial, please excuse the photos I took them very fast heheh..

Now I have 2 x Garbage bags here if anyone in Brisbane want them and can pick them up great for school craft activities..If you do please email me at


  1. This is so clever and eco-friendly! Great idea for all the holiday gift wrapping coming up!