Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ah-Tissue 6000 milestone Giveaway!!

So as some of you know we are trying to hit our next milestone of 6000 likers Ah - Tissue and when we do Ah-Tissue will have 6 random picked giveaways to say thank you!!!
So to get things rolling I thought I would do 6 randomly picked giveaways to help it along. 
All you have to do to be in the running of the below giveaways is do the following 2 or 3 steps.
1. Like the comment on my facebook page regarding this post
2. Is to suggest at least 5 friends to my facebook Ah-Tissue page with them becoming a liker of it, and make sure you tell them to write on my page who sent them so I can add your name to the draw.
3. For an extra entry do a post of the giveaway on your personal/business page linking it back to my Ah-Tissue page. Make sure you use the @ symbol before typing my page Ah-Tissue (with no spaces) then a separate box pops up for you to select my page. This will link it back to my page.
Once you have the steps done please let me know so I can check to enter you in the draw..
Wishing you best of Luck!!
Giveaway 1.
A set 12 of Test tubes..These are my new product range "Test Tube It"coming to Ah-Tissue in the new year..
New page is here
Clear Plastic Tubes 16x100mm with cork stopper. (Jelly beans not included)
Giveaway 2.
A set of 2 Chalkboard Speech & Thought Bubbles props from my "Chalk It" range.
Giveaway 3.
 Set of 3 Decorative Flower Poms
Giveaway 4.
Set of 3 15" Hanging Pom Poms - Yellow, Lemon, & Ivory
Giveaway 5.
Set of 30   Miniature Tiny Bottles

Material: Glass & Plastic Size:2.5x1cm(Total), Bottle
: 2x1cm, Hole Stopper:1.5mm
Giveaway 6. 
A $50.00 gift Voucher to use for anything on my web site www.ah-tissue.com.au
So with your help of spreading the word to your friends & family about our page our 6000 liker giveway could happen sooner than later woooohooo!!
Will be drawing  winners once we hit the big 6000 liker milestone..
Good Luck and Thanks for your help in spreading the word!!
Owner, Mum & Creator


  1. DONE! I've liked your comment on your fb page and put a link up on my fb page (K&Co.) Good luck...really hope you crack 6000 by the end of the year!!!! Kirsten x

  2. Hi Daneve, Thanks for a great giveaway!
    1. I've liked the comment on your Facebook page
    2. Have suggested your page to all my friends (so far two of them have written on your wall saying I sent them!)
    3. Have posted a public link to this blog post on Facebook and linked it back to Ah Tissue's Facebook page :)

  3. Hi. Have liked your fb page comment, and linked your giveaway and page on my fb post.

  4. I have liked your FB post on your page, liked your page, shared the link on my wall and I have at least 3 friends say hi on your wall. Thanks for the opportunity

  5. Hi I just followed the instructions above and would love to win. My daughter is a brand new teacher having to buy resources for her 1st ever class next year (Year One) and after 4 years at Uni having to buy resources is a big struggle. I would love to win for her some lovely bright pom poms for her classroom. I am sure the kids would love them!!!! (I know I do...I have them around the house for xmas) Thanks for the comp xx

  6. Done!

    I have liked your post, referred friends, and shared on both my personal and business pages (Once Upon a Baby), linking back to your page.

    Thank you xx